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Co - Founder

Jennyfer Reyes

Welcome to Beloved Planners! I'm Jennyfer Reyes, co-founder and a passionate wedding planner with over six years of experience. From my beginnings as a wedding coordinator at a prestigious hotel, I've crafted enchanting events that leave couples and guests captivated. My journey led me to Spain, where I refined my skills through the Condé Nast wedding planning certification program, blending global trends with my Mexican heritage for a cosmopolitan touch. In addition to this, I hold a South-Asian Wedding Certification, showcasing my commitment to understanding and honoring diverse cultural traditions. Wedding decoration is my canvas, where creativity flows freely. With an artist's eye and curator's sensibilities, I transform spaces into awe-inspiring masterpieces, reflecting each couple's unique love story. Beyond work, my four furry companions bring joy to my life. My love for animals is as strong as my dedication to crafting memorable experiences. Traveling the world, from Paris to Marrakech, has enriched my perspective, infusing each celebration with a global flair. Join me in creating unforgettable moments at Beloved Planners!


Liliana Cruz

Hey there, I'm Lilly Cruz, co-founder and apassionate wedding planner; my journey into the world of weddings began with a deep desire to create unforgettable moments and seamless celebrations, my passion led me to pursue a Wedding Planning Certification offered by Anahuac University, which provided me with a solid foundation in the art of orchestrating weddings; to further enhance my expertise and expand my horizons, I pursued a South Asian Wedding Certification offered by South Asian Wedding Institute, allowing me to specialize in crafting culturally rich and diverse wedding experiences. For me, weddings are more than just events; they are moments of love, joy, and unity. I’m honored to play a role in making these moments as special as they deserve to be, and I look forward to every new opportunity to craft unforgettable stories for couples and their loved ones. I'm thrilled to continue transforming ordinary days into extraordinary experiences, and I can't wait to see what enchanting love stories the future holds. Let's make your dream wedding an unforgettable reality, together."