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Why should we hire us for our wedding day?

We put our complete heart in all our weddings, you will have the complete compromise from our side for your wedding day. You will have someone by your side, giving you support through this process so you can experience an stress free wedding. We will be fully dedicated to your wedding day.

Will you be there the day of the wedding?

We will be there since the first vendor arrives for the set up, to check flowers, decorations, DJ, music, until the last minute of the wedding reception. Do you want to consider an after party? Of course, we can!

Do you think my vision will be possible?

I can say that for a wedding the sky is the limit, we can design the wedding of your dreams together.

What is the most important thing for you the day of the wedding?

The most important thing is that the couple truly enjoy this celebration of love., and of course good music, entertainment, decoration and LIGHTING!

Any questions?

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